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As a Sydney fashion photographer it may seem strange to be talking about selecting the right lens for you nature photos, but this is Australia where you can’t help but photograph wildlife – whether it is on the catwalk or in the forest.

The main thing to consider when capturing the perfect nature photo is the environment you will be shooting in. This also applies for family photo shoots, wedding photos and even my specialty, fashion photography.

While you are in Sydney and exploring the beautiful Australian continent, you can expect to partake in two very different natural adventures: Wildlife expeditions and rainforest trekking.

Photographing Your Wildlife Expedition

These types of adventures usually occur in more open areas where your targets could be anything from kangaroos to small woodland creatures. In this environment there is typically more sunlight and you will most likely be shooting from a distance.

This is where your 100-400mm lens comes into play. Granted, this is going to be a little heavier to carry but the shots you get from it will be well worth the extra weight. If you prefer, you can also use a 70-300 mm lens, which is a little lighter and will still capture the perfect shots of your expedition.

Photographing your Australian Rainforest Trek

Obviously, you won’t have the wide-open spaces as you are wandering through the meandering rainforest trails. There will be less light and less of a need for a telescopic zoom lens. Instead, you need to opt for a wide-angle zoom lens to capture the breathtaking beauty of the Australian rainforest.

As well, it is highly recommended that you bring along a true macro lens in order to capture some exquisite shots of the insects, flowers and anything else that catches your eye while trekking.

Final Notes from a Sydney Photographer

The natural beauty of Australia is second to none so you will want to make sure you come prepared for capturing these natural surroundings. If you have the room in your suitcase, I suggest packing your zoom lens, a wide angle lens and of course the macro lens, which will ensure you get the perfect nature shot no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Of course, if you are not that interested in lugging all your lenses around (or you are not a photographer) but still want to capture these memories with high quality photos, there are plenty of amazing photographers in Sydney that will be more than happy to join you on your adventure.


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